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February - March


Our winter trips to Guerrero Negro offer you a once in a lifetime experience to get up and close to a gray whale and maybe even a newborn calf. These curious creatures often come up to the panga boats within arm’s distance or even closer! Here you will have an optional scientific research training in data collection surveys. Surveys are used to help. monitor the whales’ health and well-being, population abundance, distribution, and more. You can also observe our marine biologist guides conduct their own research by documenting the behaviors of gray whale mother and calf pairs by drone.


Guerrero Negro is one of the winter homes for gray whales. These majestic animals migrate thousands of miles down the Pacific Coast to reach the warm waters of the Baja nursing lagoons such as Ojo de Libre (Scammons Lagoon). Here, they breed and give birth to their young before heading back to their Arctic feeding grounds. The area of Guerrero Negro, meaning “Black Warrior,” is located halfway down the Baja peninsula along the Pacific Coast. This desert coastal town is also known for its ecotourism and salt production.

Route map Guerrero Negro


Day 1: This will be our travel day. Guerrero Negro is located 11 hours south of San Diego (800 km/500 miles) along the Pacific Coast and the Sea of Cortes. While driving down Baja California, we will pass through sweeping desert and ocean views before arriving at our relaxing hotel. We will stop for lunch at San Felipe, home of the endangered vaquita.


Days 2-4: Gray whale excursion days!. Day 2 will only have one boat tour, while days 3 and 4 will have two boat trips per day, for a total of 5 boat trips per expeditions. Each boat tour is around 3 hours, so you will be spending roughly 3-6 hours on the water each day looking for gray whales and other marine life! In addition, we will visit the mirror-like salt flats at sunset to admire an amazing landscape and you will also have the opportunity to take an optional tour on world's largest salt operation company.


Day 5:  Travel back to your drop-off location either in Tijuana or San Diego.

Total price: USD $1,300 (Mexican nationals - 10% off)

2023 Dates:


March 25th - 29th  2023


  • Transport to and from trip destination (San Diego/Tijuana) in a private van

  •  Hotel accommodations - double occupancy

  •  Certified boat tours (5)

  •  Logistics and planning for the entire length of the trip

  • Personal marine biologist guide

  • CONANP bracelet


  • Traveler's and health insurance

  •  Alcoholic beverages

  •  Meals/Snacks

  •  Souvenirs

  •  Gratuities

Each trip includes guides with a deep knowledge of Baja, experience in navigating local roads, expertise in marine biology and ecology, and bilingual skillsets.


We keep our group trips small to offer a more personalized experience with our marine biologist guides, so we can exercise best practices when encountering these marine mammals, out in the wild , and to let our guests truly disconnect and unwind. For this expedition, you will also have the opportunity to participate in our upcoming research project utilizing drones to evaluate the impact of whale-watching boats on gray whales!


With included pickups in San Diego and Tijuana, hotel accommodations, and photo package options, PROCETUS makes planning your next adventure easy! We utilize a private sprinter van to transport guests to and from our Baja locations with stops along the way. Our hotel partners also offer a tranquil place to rest in between wildlife sightings and are located in small coastal towns.

If you are looking to secure group rates or want a more customized trip, please inquire by email. We are happy to arrange family trips, honeymoons, etc.

*** Sightings are not guaranteed on our trips as these are wild animals and they can be highly migratory. However, we do guarantee that you will walk away with some newfound knowledge on marine species and memorable times out of the water! ***


Thank you! We will contact you shortly!


Safety for our guests and marine life is our number 1 priority.


We are currently taking COVID precautions by having clean and sanitized vehicles, hotels, and panga boats. Our guides are fully vaccinated and ready to take you on your next adventures!


We also carry a satellite phone for emergencies. Please note, for our whale shark trips, the nearest hospital is 2.5 hours away. Our team carries a first aid kid and there are local doctors available in town for minor injuries. However, in the event of major injury, it may be necessary to arrange for evacuation.


Clean water will be available throughout the trip and provided by our hotel accommodations. Please note that most of our destinations are located in small remote towns with limited shops, restaurants, and Wi-Fi.


  1. What should I pack for my adventure?

    • Sun protection such as sunscreen, hats, rash guards, sun shirts, sunglasses, etc.

    • Camera and underwater camera/GoPro

    • Comfy clothes for travel days

    •  Jacket, windbreaker, warm clothes, waterproof clothes.

    • Clothes for late afternoon and evenings after excursions

      • The weather in Guerrero Negro will be temperate with the chance for light rain in the high 60s to low 70s F. The evenings will be low 60s F.

  2. What should I expect for the travel days?

    • The travel days will be long, but it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on your Podcasts, music, or book reading so dress comfortably and sit back while we take care of the driving! We will be making pit stops along the way as needed.

  3. What’s included in the total price?

    • The total price for each trip includes travel to and from either Bahía de los Ángeles or Guerrero Negro from one of our pickup locations (San Diego or Tijuana), hotel stay for 4 nights, & 3 days of wildlife excursions. Food, snacks, and beverages are NOT included.

  4. Can I bring my own food?

    • Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks, except for alcohol. We will also be making pit stops along the way where you can purchase snacks. Please note, you will also need to bring lunch for our excursion days as we will be out on the water for 3-5 hours at a time.

  5. Do I need a passport for your adventures?

    • Yes, all citizens are required to have passports when crossing the U.S./Mexico border.

  6. Do I need to exchange money before the trip?

    • We will be making a stop at an exchange center after crossing the U.S./Mexico border. Please bring cash in U.S. dollars that you would like converted to the Mexican peso.

  7. How much cash will I need?

    • It depends. You will need cash for food, beverages, souvenirs, and gratuities. Meals are usually 5-10 dollars.

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