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The PROCETUS cetacean program stands out as a conservation-focused scientific effort in Baja California. This initiative monitors the population of cetaceans, including whales and dolphins, through an interdisciplinary approach of research, community involvement and collaborative cooperation. 


PROCETUS not only gathers crucial data on cetacean populations but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for their welfare and habitat among resident and stakeholders. 


PROCETUS  aims to serve as a model for effective marine conservation efforts in Mexico, ensuring the continued thriving existence of cetacean in the rich waters of Baja California.


Through our adventures and research, we aspire to connect people with our oceans while sharing the culture and nature in our beautiful home of Baja!

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Fin whale and calf

Baja California Sur, Mexico

whale shark y feru 2.png

Baja California, Mexico


Baja California Sur, Mexico

whale shark y feru 2.png

Baja California, Mexico

Student Testimonials

“Being out in the water with the whale sharks was one of the best moments of life! Fernanda was great at spotting them in the water and making sure we could have plenty of opportunities to film or get photos. She would also give us a lot of great information about each marine species we observed and how they play a role in the local ecosystem. Made the experience that much more memorable. Can’t wait to go again in the future!"

-Lindsay Bauman

"We had such a wonderful time with Fernanda and PROCETUS! All the operators were kind, fun, and knowledgeable about the region, the accommodations were absolutely beautiful, and Fernanda carefully managed our presence in the water so as not to crowd or overwhelm the animals. Ecotourism at it’s best!"

-Chloe Kotik

"This was one of the best experiences of my life. We interacted with an incredible amount of whales, and each time another one showed up was more exciting than the last. Getting up close and personal with them is unforgettable, and you'll have an amazing time with PROCETUS!

- Alex Wilson

"I went on a research trip with PROCETUS right after I graduated from my undergraduate studies. The trip was amazing! I learned a lot from Fernanda about cetacean research, field work, and what it truly means to be a scientist! I made lasting friendships, amazing memories, and the experience helped me get into the grad school of my dreams! Fernanda is very experienced and the whole trip was very organized and well-run. I cannot recommend this program enough!"

-Sharla Sugierski

"The trips run by PROCETUS are fabulous! Fernanda is very friendly, a great planner, and super knowledgeable about marine ecology in Baja (especially cetaceans). She really works hard to ensure everyone is well taken care of and accommodated so they have a great time. And we some really spectacular wildlife! I loved the whale shark trip I went on so much that I signed up for her grey whale trip too! I highly recommend them"

- Jaclyn Caldwell

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